Course curriculum

    1. Meet Susan Mccreevy

    2. Supply list

    3. Join the facebook group

    1. Warm up lesson | Finding our brooch shapes

    2. Printable brooch template

    1. Lesson 1 | Painting the background

    2. Lesson 2 | Adding the details

    3. Lesson 3 | Apply the encaustic wax

    1. Goodbye

About this course

  • $45.00
  • 1 hour of video content
  • Lesson 1 | create a layered background
  • Lesson 2 | create the brooches and add details
  • Lesson 3 | Encaustic wax techniques


“Susan, you did great! Wonderful explaining. I have never tried encaustics before and you told me everything I needed to know.”


“Such a beautiful class, with such gorgeous results. You can be proud of your class - I hope you will make more of them!”


“You're a wonderful teacher. I loved how you made each step accessible - such clear step by step instructions. Plenty of time watching you create, which always helps me. I look forward to seeing more classes from you.”


“I watched your fabulous lesson and it was truly stunning, everything was articulate and so beautifully laid out. You have a lovely gentle way of sharing too.”


Learn some fabulous techniques with Susan McCreevy Artist!